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Others: Mac OS X 10.4 or later
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Versions of CrystalMaker

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Version License Language O.S.
CrystalMaker 8.3.4 24/11/10 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X

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More author programs

The award-winning program for fully-interactive visualization and analysis of crystal and molecular structures. Available for Mac OS X (Universal Binary), and for Windows XP.

Featuring high resolution photo-realistic graphics, 3D stereo display, plus pro digital video and VR output.

Easy and Flexible

CrystalMaker makes it easy to load structural data and generate spectacular, photo-realistic images, with the option of breathtaking "out-of-the-screen" 3D stereo (red/blue glasses included).

Models can be extensively customized, with a wide range of individual atom, bond and polyhedral styles - including stylized and line-art representations.


CrystalMaker includes real-time manipulation and the ability to edit and design new structures. 99 undo levels plus multiple, user-defined views, encourage exploration and discovery - ideal for research and teaching.

A Scientific Tool

CrystalMaker is a full-featured scientific program, supporting the major database file formats (CIF, PDB, ICSD, FDAT, SHELX, CSSR, etc.

) and with the ability to display massive structures (up to 2 billion atoms). Bonds and polyhedra are automatically calculated, with the option of bond distance output and error propagation, as well as direct visualization of cluster shells and coordination networks.

Diffraction patterns can be simulated for any displayed crystal structure, with a single menu command, using our powder diffraction (x-ray and neutron) and single-crystal diffaction (electron microscope, plus reciprocal lattice sections) helper applications (Mac version, currently).

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